Brief presentation of BPT Insects

The Biodiversity Performance Tool (BPT) facilitates the assessment of the potential for functional biodiversity at farm level by considering both quantity and quality of semi-natural habitats, farming practices and farmers’ involvement on this topic. The present BPT Insects includes additional indicators for insect protection and the possibility to display the development of basic indicators over time. The BPT supports farmers to identify the current situation regarding biodiversity and insects on the farm, to evaluate basic indicators and to select effective measures for a Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP). The BPT helps to assess the quality of implementation of measures as well as monitoring of the whole Biodiversity Action Plan.


Identify the state of potential for biodiversity in general and for insects in particular on a...

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Target groups

BPT Insects helps farmers and farm advisors to elaborate and implement sound...

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EU Food & Biodiversity in a nutshell

The main objective is to improve the biodiversity performance of standards...

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EU Insect Responsible Sourcing Regions in a nutshell

In cooperation with the agriculture, food sector, local authorities and NGOs...

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Tool box
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